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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Satara Pincode / Post Office Search (SATARA, Maharashtra)

Ambavade Bk B.O 415002SataraMaharashtra
Ambawade B.O 415013SataraMaharashtra
Andhari B.O 415002SataraMaharashtra
Angapur Vandan S.O 415019SataraMaharashtra
Apashinge S.O 415518SataraMaharashtra
Are B.O 415002SataraMaharashtra
Asangaon B.O 415002SataraMaharashtra
Atit B.O 415519SataraMaharashtra
Banavadi B.O 415011SataraMaharashtra
Banghar B.O 415013SataraMaharashtra
Bhatmarli B.O 415002SataraMaharashtra
Boposhi B.O 415013SataraMaharashtra
Boragaon B.O 415519SataraMaharashtra
Borkhal B.O 415011SataraMaharashtra
Dahivad B.O 415013SataraMaharashtra
Degaon Tambe B.O 415004SataraMaharashtra
Dhawadshi B.O 415022SataraMaharashtra
Gajavadi B.O 415013SataraMaharashtra
Gojegaon B.O 415004SataraMaharashtra
Gove B.O 415015SataraMaharashtra
Iti Satara B.O 415002SataraMaharashtra
Jakatwadi B.O 415002SataraMaharashtra
Jihe B.O 415004SataraMaharashtra
Kameri B.O 415019SataraMaharashtra
Karandi B.O 415002SataraMaharashtra
Kari B.O 415013SataraMaharashtra
Kashil B.O 415519SataraMaharashtra
Kelembe B.O 415022SataraMaharashtra
Khed(Wadhe) B.O 415003SataraMaharashtra
Khojewadi B.O 415518SataraMaharashtra
Kidgaon B.O 415015SataraMaharashtra
Kindawadi B.O 415004SataraMaharashtra
Kodoli B.O 415004SataraMaharashtra
Kondhav Satara B.O 415002SataraMaharashtra
Koparde B.O 415518SataraMaharashtra
Kshatra Mahuli B.O 415003SataraMaharashtra
Kumthe B.O 415002SataraMaharashtra
Limbgove S.O 415015SataraMaharashtra
Mahawshi B.O 415002SataraMaharashtra
Majgaon B.O 415518SataraMaharashtra
Malagaon B.O 415011SataraMaharashtra
Mandhave B.O 415519SataraMaharashtra
Mardhe B.O 415020SataraMaharashtra
Midc Satara S.O 415004SataraMaharashtra
Mouje Tasgaon B.O 415004SataraMaharashtra
Munawale B.O 415002SataraMaharashtra
Nagewadi B.O 415015SataraMaharashtra
Nagthane S.O 415519SataraMaharashtra
Nandgaon B.O 415107SataraMaharashtra
Nigadi Traf B.O 415004SataraMaharashtra
Nisarale B.O 415519SataraMaharashtra
Nitral B.O 415013SataraMaharashtra
Nune B.O 415022SataraMaharashtra
Padali Ninam B.O 415519SataraMaharashtra
Parali S.O 415013SataraMaharashtra
Patkhal B.O 415011SataraMaharashtra
Prtri B.O 415002SataraMaharashtra
Rahimatpur S.O 415511SataraMaharashtra
Rajapuri B.O 415013SataraMaharashtra
Rohot B.O 415013SataraMaharashtra
Sajjangad B.O 415013SataraMaharashtra
Saspade B.O 415519SataraMaharashtra
Satara H.O 415001SataraMaharashtra
Sataracity S.O 415002SataraMaharashtra
Shendare B.O 415519SataraMaharashtra
Shivthar B.O 415011SataraMaharashtra
Shri Plavan B.O 415503SataraMaharashtra
Songaon B.O 415002SataraMaharashtra
Thoseghar B.O 415013SataraMaharashtra
Vaduth S.O 415011SataraMaharashtra
Varne B.O 415019SataraMaharashtra
Varye B.O 415015SataraMaharashtra
Vechale B.O 415519SataraMaharashtra
Vele (Kamthi) B.O 415022SataraMaharashtra
Venegaon B.O 415518SataraMaharashtra
Vennanagar S.O 415022SataraMaharashtra
Wadhe B.O 415011SataraMaharashtra
Yevateshwar B.O 415002SataraMaharashtra

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